Our Values

In the mountains, the curing of meats has a very long history: an art which was born primarily as a response to the need for conservation was transformed and refined in time becoming today a production process capable of creating unique products. However, for the curing to be carried out according to specific rules and in a natural way, it needs an uncontaminated environment: we at Alpi produce all our products beyond the 1,800 meters of altitude, in the centre of the majestic mountains where we have built an underground production facility to reduce every environmental impact. Grateful for what mother nature gave us we respect the environment by reducing waste.

We respect with great dedication the traditions of the place where we were born, the production techniques which have been handed down for decades: these have taught us how to make products which are healthy and tasty, capable of conquering for their real authenticity.

Without affecting the production processes which make our products so genuine, we look to the future and to innovation to implement continuous improvements. The entire working procedure is followed by an automated system that consents, at every step, the tracing of the production chain and thus the traceability of all products.

Family Atmosphere
Alpi was born as a great family and it continues to work as such: in fact all the company staff has learned and shared the corporate culture that distinguishes us and allows us to work in harmony and with the maximum productivity.

It represents the critical success factor of the company: thanks to the speed of the deliveries, the care in packaging and the punctuality of the Company staff, we of Alpi succeed in offering a unique service that meets the complete needs of our customers.