Distribution of food products

For 30 years, Alpi has been present in the territory of Livigno and has always distinguished itself for the professionalism of the service rendered and the competence of its staff, without forgetting the continuous innovation process. A simple call activates the company's operations and this guarantees a daily service swift and suitable for the continuous demands of the customers. Furthermore, area agents consent a direct contact in such a way as to detect the new requirements and problems related to consumers. The satisfaction of the needs of consumers is a significant aim to follow, and the company pursues this aim with a sense of responsibility and trust as a guarantee to the public.

A further aspect that testifies the seriousness of the company is the present self-regulated business plan, complying with the HCAAP regulations: through an efficient computerized system, this allows an optimized batch management that ensures the knowledge of the origin of any type of product throughout the production chain. Moreover, the modern factory site in Via Compart is equipped with the most sophisticated systems, from the enthalpy plant for the maturing of the Brisaola to the modem system for detecting the temperature of the cells, precisely to protect the quality and safety of marketed products. Alpi, finally, means genuine quality, said slogan is linked to the fact that the company as well as treating the production processes in detail is supported by prestigious partners, as well as by the cooperative CATERINGROSS, the first in Italy for the service of the food & beverage.
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